The correlations between exercise and mood is no coincidence. We all know exercising can be a hassle, but it has been proven to be a great natural mood booster. Exercise improves mood because it releases endorphins into your bloodstream. 

Endorphins are a hormone compound produced by the brain to make you feel good, relaxed and help alleviate pain. This “happy chemical” as some call it, is released by the brain when you engage in physical activity and its effects last long after you leave the gym.

Exercise More To Keep Your Mood Up

Studies have shown that exercising regularly can drastically help improve a person’s mood and overall productivity. However, we know getting started on an exercise routine can be very difficult especially if you have a business schedule. 

To help you ease into a new exercise routine, we have some easy tips you can follow. 

First, you should start small. Don’t put the pedal to the metal and plan to hit the gym every day, try and start with light exercise every other day like going for a leisurely walk in the morning or after work. Once you’ve maintained a routine of walking, add more rigorous elements, like jogging or following a short fitness video at home. 

If you manage to keep consistent after a few months, then you can attempt to up the ante and get that gym membership to access more equipment to improve your workout. Or, you can also keep your exercise casual if you don’t want to go full fitness junky. Either way, any type of exercise that gets your blood pumping will help enhance your mood, so don’t push yourself too hard. 

Endorphins released due to exercise can also help you sleep better at night because they have been proven to help alleviate stress that may keep you tossing and turning. To learn more about how a good night’s sleep can also improve your mood, check out our next slide.

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