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What Are Generic Drugs?

Back in the 1920s, the drug manufacturer Bayer fought vigorously in court to keep another company’s copy of aspirin off ... Read More
Prevention and Care

What Do Doctors Look For During Your Yearly Check Up?

No matter your age, gender or physical conditions, having a yearly checkup is crucial for keeping healthy. Going to regular ... Read More
Mental Wellness

What is “Mindfulness” and Why Does Everyone Keep Talking About It?

“Mindfulness.” Chances are you’ve heard or read this word at least once in the past couple years, and probably more ... Read More
Mental Wellness

How to Get the Most Out of Mental Health Therapy

Going to mental health therapy is an act of self-love. It can help you go through a difficult time and ... Read More
Senior Health

Preventative Care for Seniors

The average lifespan of a person in the United States is 78.93, an increase of about 11 years from life ... Read More
Prevention and Care

General Preventive Healthcare Tips Everyone Should Know

How can you cut the cost of high medical care bills? The answer is in preventive healthcare. According to the ... Read More