Pros and Cons of Using a Dating App

Pros and Cons of Using a Dating App

Ask anyone about online dating and you will get a whole mess of answers ranging from soul-crushing to the discovery of a soul mate. Some report being ghosted, receiving terrible matches, having a stalker, or getting rejected by someone that seemed like a great match. 

Others might state that they have had great matches on dating apps, and some have even resulted in wedded bliss. So, how can you tell if using a dating app is a good gamble for you? 

Here are some pros and cons to using dating apps so you can make an informed decision. 

Benefits of Using a Dating App

1. Easier to Meet People

If you are like most, you work 8 hours a day and have other commitments after work. While a recent study stated that millennials spent up to 10 hours a week on dating apps, most are not up to that. 

That only leaves the weekends free, and often those are booked solid. So, how do you get out to meet anyone? Enter dating apps. 

Apps made for dating can make it convenient to meet people at a time that works for you. And with the onset of COVID-19, personal space is at a premium. You may not feel comfortable going up to someone in a bar, a supermarket, or while standing at the checkout line. Plus, if you find the conversation lacking, you can always disconnect and block. 

2. People DO Find Good Relationships via Apps

You most likely know someone who has had a great match from a dating app. The potential is there, and you could potentially have some amazing conversations that lead to meetups, which can lead to meaningful relationships. 

There are numerous anecdotes out there on social media that confirm the efficacy of dating apps to find lasting relationships. How long it takes is really up to the cyber-fates. 

3. Using a Dating App Rules Out Undesirable Matches

If you have ever engaged in a speed dating situation then you may know how tiresome it can be to say the same things about yourself over and over. After a while, you burn out. Dating apps can eliminate this. 

For most apps, you place your preference, deal breakers, and a number of other factors by filling out a survey or wizard. Then, the software’s algorithm matches you to someone with similar profiles. This can automatically rule out people who would turn you off. Dating apps can keep you from wasting your time on someone who was never going to work out. 

4. Safer than Meeting in Person

No doubt you have also heard about nightmare dating scenarios. With dating apps, you can be in control of who you meet, where you meet, or if you meet at all. And if you are matched with someone and then you realize they are not for you, then simply unmatch them. At no time is your personal information given out via the app, so if you reject someone you do not have to worry about retaliation. 

5. You Can Talk to Multiple People at a Time

When trying to meet someone organically at a bar, social function or through a local organization, you are limited to only those people who you personally meet. With a dating app you can have ongoing conversations with multiple potential partners at once. 

This allows you to sift through all of the potential matches quicker than you would if you were trying to meet people in person. Most who utilize dating apps know that the unspoken rule is to assume that the person to whom you are speaking is also speaking to other people as well.  

The Negative Side to Dating Apps

1. People Can Lie

If you are not familiar with the term ‘catfish’, you should be. A catfish is a person who purposely misrepresents themselves through a dating app. 

These people will use someone else’s image that from the internet, or they may use Photoshop to touch up their photographs to make themselves look different. Most reliable and reputable dating apps have ways of making sure those uploading images and information are vetted and verified, but still, some can slip through the cracks. 

2. Misinterpretation is Common

One of the drawbacks to dating online is that you cannot read physical cues, facial expressions or body language. This means that something you may say innocently could be taken as an insult to the other person. 

Sometimes one person’s humor is not reciprocated or interpreted in the same way. Often this means that promising conversations end early before they have a chance to move into a meaningful place. 

3. Dating App Costs Add Up

If you want quality matches, then you usually need to opt for the paid membership apps. Free apps are free for a reason. The downside to that is if you are on more than one dating app then the costs can add up over time.

 Consider how you plan to use the dating app. If you are more casual and want to just go out on a date now and again, then only one dating app might be good, or even the free ones if you do not mind doing a lot of sifting. 

But if you are serious about finding someone to build a meaningful relationship with, then consider that apps are not cheap. This is especially true if you are on them for any length of time. 

4. Dating Apps Still Take Time

You must also face the fact that after spending countless dollars and time on an app you may still not find ‘the one’. And even if you find someone that you do like, you are not guaranteed that they will like you back. 

5. Harassment Can Still Take Place

Like any sort of dating situation, you can run into those who just want to pick a fight or feel that the anonymity of the internet gives them license to be rude or harassing. Those who are computer savvy know how to just make another profile after you block their original profile, just so they might be able to come back to harass you for blocking them. 

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