If you work full-time, you may be able to receive low cost health insurance from your employer. When your job provides your health insurance, it will usually be cheaper for you than seeking outside insurance. This is because your company will pay for part of your monthly insurance bill (this cost is known as your premium). Additionally, since your employer is buying a lot of insurance plans at once, the cost is lower than it is when buying an individual plan.

Usually, company-sponsored health insurance plans also include an option to add your spouse, dependent, or domestic partner to your insurance plan. You can save a significant amount of money on healthcare by doing this, as you will only be paying for one health insurance policy instead of two. You may also be able to buy an even more affordable family plan that covers your children as well.

Will My Job Pay For My Health Insurance?
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Large companies are required by law to provide health insurance for full time employees. Therefore, check with your human resources department or your manager to find out if you are eligible for group health insurance at your company.

Signing up for health insurance through an employer is preferable to purchasing insurance on your own due to the lower monthly premiums that come with a work-based plan. Your employer may give you just one health insurance plan, or they may have multiple health insurance plans you can choose among. If you have multiple choices, make sure to compare their details and find the one that has the best coverage at the best price for your medical needs.

Once you have signed up for your company’s health insurance, you should be able to search your provider’s website or use a third-party site to find local medical professionals who accept that insurance. These search platforms will allow you to refine your search criteria by adding the type of medical provider you need, the location and the time when the provider is open.

It can also be a good idea to ask your co-workers for their recommendations for doctors, as they probably have the same insurance as you.

There are still options to find low cost health insurance if you are unemployed, self-employed, do not work enough hours to qualify for your employer’s health insurance or make too much money to qualify for Medicaid.

In these cases, you can look at your state’s Health Insurance Marketplace to search for cheap health care insurance.

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