How Medical Grants May Help Cover Health Care Costs

With the eyes of the world focused on health and staying healthy many people are also wondering how they will pay their mounting medical bills. Several programs and organizations exist to help you locate and apply for medical grants. A grant is not a loan and needs never be repaid.

Most medical grants are issued by the government, in both federal and state offices. If you need to receive help paying medical bills and costs, use this quick reference to begin your research.

Learn About Grants to Help Pay Medical Bills
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If you have limited resources and have exhausted all your options, applying for a medical grant is a good next step. If you have been hesitant to apply for a medical grant because your credit score is not great, you need not worry. Most grants do not require you to report your credit score and if you are low income a wide range of non-profit groups exist to help you.

Medical needs for U.S. citizens are addressed each year and millions of dollars issued to help. Some of the most noted nonprofit groups include  The United Way and individual  pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca and Abbott. Each of these organizations have an application you must fill out. Be prepared to answer questions about your income, insurance coverage, and any assets you may have. 

Medical grants are issued each year to organizations who then furnish applicants with the needed medical bill assistance. Some of those organizations include: 

  • Aunt Bertha: This is an online database that connects those in need with free or low cost services including medical care. You type in your zip code to get started. 
  • The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (NAFC): This organization provides assistance to those who are without insurance, or who have limited access to medical care. While they do not help to cover medical bills you may already have, they do use medical grants to allow them to offer low to no-cost medical services. 
  • The Patient Access Network Foundation (PAN): PAN helps those who qualify to pay for out of pocket costs associated with chronic or life threatening diseases. They have an eligibility wizard that allows you to see if you qualify. 
  • The HealthWell Foundation: This organization assists with your co-payments, health insurance premiums, pediatric treatment costs and more. This is one of the largest medical grants organizations and last year provided $610 million in grants to eligible individuals and families. 

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