Like many other types of health insurance, Medicare Advantage plans have regional networks. Generally, you will need to seek care inside your Medicare Advantage network in order for the plan to cover your services.

Keep in mind, however, that just as with other insurance plans, these network restrictions do not apply for emergency or urgent care. You will select a Medicare Advantage plan based on your zip code since these plans have a limited service area.

Can I Get Covered Medical Care in My Area?

The premium costs for Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) differ from state to state because of the plans available for that area. If you move, you may lose your coverage.

Conversely, Original Medicare is national and allows you to go to any doctor who accepts Medicare. You may want to select Original Medicare if you live in multiple areas.

For instance, Original Medicare is more convenient if you live in New York and Florida for 6 months each. Similarly, you may want Original Medicare if you live in a rural area that does not have very many provider options. 

However, the premium for your Plan D policy can change based on your area. You will need to change your prescription drug plan if you move to a new state.

Your income is the only factor that can affect your monthly premium amount for Original Medicare. Your Original Medicare premiums will remain the same no matter where you live.

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