Many community action agencies offer medical grants that can be used for a wide variety of medical needs. This money can be used for dental, vision, or even for counseling and drug rehab costs. Depending on the medical grant, the money issued by a community action agency can also be used to offset costs associated with a nursing home. Certain action agencies specialize in only one type of illness, such as cancer.

Cancer Care, Inc. is a non-profit action agency that assists patients who have costs associated with their cancer treatments, including transportation and equipment costs. Community Action Agencies also help you to find local charities offering free medical equipment such as crutches, wheelchairs, insulin pumps and even free transportation to your medical appointments. 

Medical Grants Issued by Your Community Action Agency
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When searching for local agencies make sure to carefully evaluate the group. Many scams do exist and they prey on those who are already in a vulnerable state.

In general you should never pay someone to connect you to a charity group. Never give out sensitive information such as your social security number or bank routing numbers.

There should never be a fee to pay in order to submit an application and always take the time to read any fine print. Keep in mind that good programs shepherd you through the pre-application, application and submission processes.

Many medical grants issued by community action agencies are disbursed at a faster rate than the larger state and federal grants.

A good strategy is to find those medical grants that allow you to stack several assistance programs, and then “collect” a portfolio of medical grants that are state, federal as well as local. 

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