Beauty sleep is not just a myth. Sleep quantity actually has a direct impact on your physical appearance! Studies have shown that people who are sleep-deprived are judged to be less attractive. On the other hand, those who sleep well tend to look much younger and rejuvenated.

Benefits of Rest and Tips for Getting Good Sleep
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An extra hour of healthy sleep or a fat layer of foundation? The healthier and smarter choice should be quite obvious.

Do you sleep less because you fear that your whole life will be wasted away in bed? Actually, you may live longer with good sleep. Scientific studies have shown that people who sleep for an average of five or fewer hours have a 15 percent higher risk of early death. So, give yourself those few extra minutes or hours in the bed. This way, your life will not only have greater quality, but you will enjoy it for a much longer time.

  • For a high-quality good night’s sleep, you should stick to a schedule and always go to bed at the same time every night.
  • Your daily environment should be bright and you should spend some time outside throughout the day. When it’s time to sleep, try to sleep in a naturally dark room, without artificial lightning.
  • Smoking and alcohol should be avoided at all costs.
  • Are you a fan of daily naps? They should mostly be avoided so that you can fall asleep easily when the time comes.
  • Snoring can be one of the most critical issues in your sleeping schedule. You should come clean with your partner and deal with it, since there are ways to fix it.
  • Physical activity is always recommended, and it affects sleep as well. You should walk or run for 30 minutes daily. This will tire you out and get you ready for a great night’s sleep.

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