Did you know that sleep-deprived drivers cause up to 20 percent of car accidents? In that sense, sleep deprivation can cost you your life – and not only yours, but also of the lives of others who are in traffic. A few extra hours of sleep can help you protect your life and those of others.

Sleep Deprivation Can Affect Your Focus and Mental Health

Those who do not have a regular sleep schedule also tend to complete their tasks and activities with minimum energy levels. Accordingly, they suffer quite often from mental health issues, like depression and alcohol use disorder. This does not affect only adults, but also teenagers and students. Therefore, sleeping a good amount of hours directly affects your life and mental wellness. 

Unfortunately, the effects of sleep deprivation do not extend only to you. The people around you do too. If you are in a bad mood, more irritable, impatient and unkind, it certainly will not boost your popularity in the company of others.

If you suddenly start noticing that your coworkers, neighbors and even family members are avoiding you, it is time to make a change by getting an hour or more of a good night’s sleep.

Finally, extended periods of sleep deprivation may dull your mental capabilities. This doesn’t only mean that you’ll get that joke a few seconds late, but it can bring some more serious problems.

Sleep deprivation will ultimately cause you to have trouble focus on all sorts of tasks throughout the day. Therefore, you may work harder and get less done than if you simply slept the recommended number of hours.

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