Fit App is a social health and fitness app that lets you share your progress with your loved ones. Whether your activity consists of something as simple as yoga to walking, you can track the distance, speed, time, and calories burned, all in one fitness app.

Fit App, MyChart and Samsung Health

Fit App helps you keep motivated in accomplishing your fitness goals and being part of a social community. For premium users, you have access to high-intensity workouts to help with your weight loss goal. You’ll also have access to other features such as BMI information, heart rate, and step count.

The MyChart app is a medical app inclined to assist you with your health information. You can review your medical history and records, schedule appointments, and pay medical bills, all in one app.

You can also send your medical information to health organizations so they have more convenient access to your records. You no longer have to go to your doctor to request your medical history and records when MyChart can give you access in one click.

Focusing on your home workouts has never been more convenient, especially with apps like Samsung Health. This remarkable app has provided vast options for your health and fitness journey such as intense workouts and programs, tracking your wellness, and even a menstrual cycle tracker for women.

Samsung Health is ready to revolutionize your weight loss journey with the various features it provides for your overall wellbeing. In addition, it’s able to track your stress levels, oxygen saturation, and heart rate.

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